Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive?

On the Friday feel free to arrive any time after lunch, we'll be at the castle from about 1.00pm onwards.

On the Saturday we expect all the guests to be in the castle from 11.00am.

What is the dress code?

The Friday night is a casual affair, so please wear what you’re comfortable in. If you’d like to dress up and look glamorous, be our guest - as hosts we will certainly be making an effort! If you've been on the road and prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt, be our guest. We do draw the line at Onesies and Pajamas though ….just checking people are paying attention :-).

The Saturday is semi-formal. For gents we're not looking for a tuxedo, but don't hesitate to break out a suit and tie - no jeans. Ladies feel free to wear a cocktail dress, skirt or smart trousers. Please avoid all-white (unless you are Thea) or all-black outfits (this is a wedding and not a funeral). Dress to impress us!

Should I get you a gift?

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for. However, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for a small donation towards making our honeymoon the trip of a lifetime.

Can I stay at the castle?

All of the rooms at the castle have been allocated to friends and family (you will know if you've been allocated a room). Please see the Accommodation page for other options.

How do I get to the castle?

Please see the Directions page.

Do I need to bring cash?

We are covering the bar tab! No need for cash. However, if you are staying at the castle then please do bring cash or a payment card for your room. You may also want to bring some money to cover additional clay pigeons if you want to go extra crazy on the Sunday morning - £5 per 10 shots.

Wedding Commandments

We want you to love our wedding as much as we do, so please pay attention to our wedding commandments. If not, be prepared to encounter Thea rocking her best Bridezilla.

Thou Shalt NOT

  • Post pictures of the couple or the cake to any social media platforms.
    As this is our day, we would like to be ones who share the first glimpse of these things.


  • Take lots of pictures ( we know, we know, we just said no pictures!) but we want you to capture the fun, romantic, interesting shots, so go crazy with those cameras.
    Please just keep the top commandment in mind.
  • Share your pictures with us.
    As we’ll be busy getting married, we’d love to see our wedding from the perspective of our esteemed guests.
  • Laugh a lot
  • Eat a lot
  • Drink a lot
  • Enjoy hanging out in a castle that is all yours for the weekend!
  • Marvel at the wedding cake, cookies and Friday night feast that Elizabeth will create