Why Scotland?

Traditionally weddings take place in the bride's "home town". There's a fair few options for us to choose from here, both in the USA (Connecticut / New York) or in the UK (Newcastle / Surrey). As it turns out none of these options are particularly close to her heart, leaving us with the freedom to look further afield.

Holland? Although it would be "gezellig" the language is a bit tricky for most.
England? A pain due to arcane residency requirements.
Scotland? High availability of beautiful castles. Perfect!

Duns Castle

Duns Castle, located in the Scottish Borders just one hour south of Edinburgh, is the centrepiece of a beautiful 1200-acre estate and has been the seat of the Hay family for over 300 years. Steeped in history, the oldest part of the castle dates from 1320 and it was here that the Covenanters amassed their forces in 1639 to protect Scotland’s freedom of worship. The castle, not open to the public, is in a private and secure setting affording the discretion and exclusivity guests may desire, yet within easy reach of the charming small town of Duns. Family owned since 1696 and chosen as a location for the award-winning film, Mrs. Brown (starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly), Duns Castle has stunningly beautiful public rooms, a happy, warm atmosphere and great vistas and views for photographs. 

Today the property is a haven of beauty and tranquillity, an idyllic venue for a wedding, where guests can simply unwind and make the most of their stay. In partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the estate boasts its own nature reserve, complemented by extensive forest trails. Guests staying in the castle can enjoy the castle’s full-size billiard table as well as tennis and lawn-croquet free of charge.


Duns Castle is located in the Scottish Borders, between Edinburgh (50mi) and Newcastle (70mi).

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Duns Castle
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